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About Us
We are very forward thinking and have dumped the ‘rule book’ in the bin and started with a clean sheet of paper. We operate within all regulations, but many of the traditional approaches of agents are from a different era.

Our strategy is to work with our clients to offer them a pick and mix approach to business allowing us to offer flexibility in service and fees. Here is a quote from one of our Regional Partners:

"I used to be quite straight laced until I met you, you kept asking ‘why that way?’ and it made me realise I was stuck in the time warp of ‘’it’s always been done like that’’, but I now recognise we are in a different age and as such I have binned the old rule book – as a result we have a much more exciting business!"
Tim D.
Our flexible win-win strategy benefits ourselves and our users and from that basis, our business continues to be built on the solid foundation of flexibility and personal service.